Simba Tested - Katadyn BeFree Water Filter Review

Simba Tested - Katadyn BeFree Water Filter Review

Be Free

Water Filter

Notes from Simba

What made you choose this for thru-hiking?

I had seen some other hikers use it here and there, but all of the thru hikers always have sawyers. I started to get sick of using the Sawyer, so Gear:30 gave me this one to try.

How many hiking miles did you use it?


Estimated life?

At 800 miles it was starting to filter slower, but not horrible. I bet it could last 1,000+ hiking miles

Would you use it again?

Definitely. It’s my favorite water filter ever. I’m not switching anytime soon.

Favorite thing about it-

Filters crazy fast.

Least favorite thing about it-

It’s only compatible with Hydrapack.

Would you recommend this to someone else?

In a heartbeat. If you’re going backpacking it’s the best water filter in my opinion.

If not, what would you recommend? 

I recommend this water filter.

To Sum It Up

All of my water filtration throughout my three years of hiking has been with a Sawyer. I was starting to think of trying something new and Gear:30 carried the BeFree. I had no expectations of how well this water filter would work and it proved to be amazing.


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  • Sara Austin