Simba Tested - Le Bent Socks Review

Simba Tested - Le Bent Socks Review

Le Bent Socks


 Simba's Notes

Have you ever tried Le Bent socks?

Nope, this was my first time using them for thru-hiking or just in general. Not much a big sock guy haha! 

How many hiking miles did you use them?

1,300 - I hiked with them from Yellowstone until the end of my trail in New Mexico. Sometimes I used them only as my sleeping socks, but for the most part I was hiking with them every day or every other day.

Estimated life-

I’d day they would last 2,000 miles maximum. They held up really well in weight bearing / high pressure areas that normally wear out. At 1,300 miles they seemed like they were on the decline, I think 2,000 is a realistic max.

Would you use it again?

Yes I would use them again. I honestly don't think about socks that much when I'm getting ready for a trail, or just day to day. I mismatch them all the time anyway. On thru-hikes I've mostly used Darn Tough socks, and I've also tried Injinji's. These Labents are stronger than the Darn Tough's - those usually only last me about 500 miles/pair. I can't speak much on the Injinji's yet because I've only put about 100 miles on them so far. 

Favorite thing about them?

They didn’t develop holes after 1,300 miles! And actually when you put them on at first they feel sort of broken in already, it's nice. Also, from an environmental and vegan perspective these are a great pick. They're made with a blend of bamboo and merino-wool, so if that's a motivator for the type of product you'd like to buy then this is a sock you should look into.

Least favorite thing about them? 

There's not much I didn’t like about them, they're just socks. But actually the bamboo-based material isn't quite as cozy as a pure merino-wool sock like a Darn tough. They don't feel as nice but they're super durable because of that bamboo.

Would you recommend this to someone else?

Yes, if you're like me and not that concerned about socks in the first place these are great. If you want to hike 1000 miles in a pair of socks, or just have a really durable pair, I'd definitely recommend these.

If not, what would you recommend? 

Darn tough for sure 

In Summary

When it comes to socks I don’t pay much attention to detail. I want something that feels good and doesn’t rip. Le Bent socks impressed me. I had one pair from Yellowstone to Ghost Ranch (1,300 miles) and they still do not have holes in them to this day 6 months later. If you’re a sock-nut… get these socks. They will last.




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