Winter camping requires slightly different gear than the rest of the year (and by different, we mean warmer and more durable). When you're exposed to the harsh elements of snow and cold air, bringing along quality gear you can trust is a necessity.


While a typical 3-season tent will work fine on calm winter nights, a 4-season tent is recommended on camping trips that might include high winds or heavy snowfall. Be sure to bring a sleeping bag that's rated at least 10 degrees colder than the lowest temperature you expect to encounter, as well as a sleeping bag liner to ensure added warmth. When sleeping on top of snow or frozen ground, it's a good idea to layer a closed-cell foam sleeping pad underneath an inflatable sleeping pad to give you more insulation.

HILLEBERG KERON 3 TENT - The Keron 3 is Hilleberg's standard tent for polar expeditions because of its superb durability and excellent wind stability, its roomy interior, and its simplicity. This tent's all-season construction features outer tent walls that extend to the ground, as well as mesh areas that are backed with adjustable fabric panels. 

NEMO DISCO 15-DEGREE SLEEPING BAG - These premium 650FP hydrophobic, PFC-free, RDS Certified down sleeping bags are loaded with special features, including contours that allow for side-sleepers to achieve a plush and comfortable night of rest.

BIG AGNES SLEEPING BAG LINER - When camping in variably cold winter weather, a sleeping bag liner is key to a good night's rest. The wool and fleece versions of Big Agnes sleeping bag liners add 5-10 degrees of warmth to your bag, ensuring a soft and comfortable thermal boost.

THERM-A-REST NEOAIR TOPO SLEEPING PAD - Therm-a-Rest's WaveCore™ construction provides twice the warmth of uninsulated air sleeping pads, and features three inches of thick loft in a pack-friendly size.



In cold weather, your body will burn more calories than usual in an attempt to stay warm. For this reason, it's even more important to eat full meals and stay hydrated while winter camping. We love a good campfire cookout as much as the next guy, but we don't love doing dishes in the freezing cold - that's why we prefer to bring along freeze-dried meals for easy clean-up. A powerful propane stove will ensure you aren't stuck waiting for your water to boil, and a nice sturdy pot is an essential item for boiling water for meals or melting snow for drinking.

PEAK REFUEL FREEZE-DRIED ENTREES - Our favorite freeze-dried meals for a reason, these entrees are full of protein and are made with premium ingredients for a tasty bite that tastes home-cooked.

MSR POCKETROCKET 2 STOVE - Ultralight and high-performance, the PocketRocket 2 can boil one liter of water in just 3.5 minutes.

MSR TRAIL LITE 1.3L POT - Offering the heat distribution of hard-anodized aluminum and scratch-resistant durability, this pot is a classic and dependable camp kitchen must-have.



Setting up a tent and walking around on frozen, potentially icy ground calls for a good pair of spikes. An avalanche transceiver and an avalanche shovel are necessary pieces of gear if your winter camping trip is to include backcountry skiing or snowshoeing in avalanche country, but both are valuable tools for winter camping regardless. Lastly, bring a flexible water pouch to store drinking water in. To keep yourself extra toasty at night, fill it with hot water and place it next to you in your sleeping bag.

SNOWLINE CHAINSEN PRO - The Chainsen Pro has a tried and true record of simple, lightweight traction on ice and snow. With the thickest elastomer and burliest gauge on both the chains and the spikes, you can trust Chainsen's construction for maximum durability.

ORTOVOX KODIAK SHOVEL - This durable shovel is crafted for mountaineering and features a unique clearing function and a practical D-handle.

ORTOVOX 3+ AVALANCHE TRANSCEIVER - The 3+ is equipped with all the features of a modern, digital 3-antenna device. The illuminated real-time display tells you the direction, distance and number of victims. The tendency display, combined with the intuitive search acoustics, leaves no doubt when operating in fine search mode. Once located, victims can be removed from the display using the flagging function. The motion-sensor-based follow-up avalanche switchover ensures additional safety.

HYDRAPAK SEEKER 2L WATER STORAGE - This ultra-light, durable water storage system collapses down to the size of a fist. In a pinch, flexible water bottles such as these can be frozen and used as ice packs or filled with hot water to keep you warm.


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