Here are our staff's outdoor goals for 2022

By Mekenna Malan | January 12th, 2022

In 2022, we want you to get outside.

Our staff members have set some rad outdoor-centric resolutions for the new year. Get to know them below, then come visit us so we can help you prepare for your own adventure!

"I hope to hike Kings Peak in a day. I've summited Kings multiple times—I've done the 3-day tour, and also the 2-day quicker version, but never the one-and-done summit."

- Brandon

"My goals for 2022 are to expand my knowledge in snow pack/snow science, rescue techniques, and feeling confident when choosing the terrain I am going to ski in the backcountry! I also want to lead Corrugation Corner in Lovers Leap."
- Libby

"This year, my main goal is to ski every month of the year from January to December. I started a little late last year and would like to say I skied all of 2022. This may require some traveling outside of Utah, and maybe some research, but it'll all be worth it. Other than skiing this summer, I would also like to get better at skating—it's something that I recently picked up and have been loving! While traveling outside of Utah to find places to ski, I want to go to as many skateparks as I can along the way."
- Avery

"I want to paraglide with skis on this year...or paraglide off Ben Lomond."

- Dallin

"My 2022 outdoor goal is to hike Mount Rainier (my namesake)! I’ve been wanting to get there forever now, and I think 2022 is the year! Washington is such a beautiful place and I can’t wait to explore it."
- Rainey

"I’m hoping to poop outside 100 times in 2022. Responsible outdoor pooping is a skill that takes time and practice to hone. This is the year I master the aforementioned art."


"I want to complete the Ogden Skyline trek with my son, Bruce. We’ll start in Willard Basin, head up to Willard Peak, then Ben Lomond, and over to Lewis Peak. Then over to Mount Ogden and down Taylor Canyon to finish. We’ll try and do this with packs in 3 days and 2 nights. Bruce and I attempted it last summer. We made it to Windsurfer Beach and called it. It was early in the season and our feet weren’t conditioned. We both limped for a few days after that attempt. We’re stoked to go for it again this summer."


"I think a goal of mine is to run/hike all of the peaks in Utah above 13k. Seem more obtainable compared to the 14ers in Colorado..."


"I plan to spend the year focusing on my ski form and learning the basics of climbing. My goal for this year is to climb up Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park and ski back down."


"My current outdoor goal is to further my outdoor climbing experience. To start, I’m going to learn how to trad climb this summer. My main goal is to complete an outdoor route higher than a 5/11a—I’ve been stuck at that level for a year now and I’m determined to break past it this upcoming season."


"Since last year marked my first real ski season in all the years I've lived in Utah, one of my goals this year is to ski every week and progress as much as possible. I also hope to plan at least one out-of-state backpacking trip: either The Enchantments in Washington or the Cirque of the Towers traverse in the Wind River Range. Hopefully both!"