Gear we love: Dynafit ski touring boots

By Mekenna Malan | December 12, 2021

A ski boot that charges like it's built for full-on downhill alpine riding but tours like a lightweight uphill boot—that's the reason why Dynafit makes our favorite ski boots for the backcountry.

Ski hard, walk easy. Meet the Hoji Lock.

The defining feature of Dynafit touring boots are the ski/walk lever, aka the Hoji Lock. This efficient and intuitive mechanism takes only one move to lock the spine and cuff together. Releasing it when you're in tour mode results in a 60-degree range of motion for easy climbing, while engaging the lever on the downhill locks in a progressive 120 flex and a super-stiff ride. It's the best of both worlds. 

Technical and super durable.

Dynafit boots feature a rigid glass fiber-reinforced Grilamid shell, POMOCA Free rubber outsoles for traction, and a V-shaped tongue design for comfort. A power strap and three easy to adjust, micro-adjustable buckles allow for a precise fit. What's more, Dynafit guarantees that this unisex boot is compatible with all frame and hybrid bindings. 

About that weight...

Dynafit touring boots err on the heavier end of the spectrum compared to some other boots on the market. With that extra weight, though, you gain unmatched power and stability on the downhill. It's still noticeably lighter than other boots in the 50/50 category, and the boot's overall weight and stiffness are well-balanced.

A tighter fit means more controlled descents. It also means that it's even more important to make sure this boot fits your foot.

While fit is always an important factor in choosing a backcountry boot, the ultra-stiff nature of Dynafit's design makes it especially crucial. Regardless of how cool the technology is, you're not going to enjoy your ride if it's an uncomfortable one. The final word? Come visit us and try on a pair. If the shoe fits, you've got the best backcountry boot on the market. 

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