8 Innovative Products We Loved From the Big Gear Show

By Mekenna Malan | August 10th, 2021

We couldn't have been more excited to cruise up to Deer Valley last week and scope out the outdoor industry's new, innovative, or otherwise notable gear. Here's eight of our favorite products from Utah's inaugural Big Gear Show.

1. PURTREK Trek Pole & Water Filtration System

Turns out, trekking poles have so much more potential than just protecting your knees on the downclimb. On the tails of the trekking pole tent craze comes the hiking object's latest innovation: water filtration. The first of its kind (and based right here in Ogden!), PURTREK trekking poles have a built-in pump-style water filtration system. It works quickly, too -  utilizing a two-stage filter system, PURTREK filters almost 2x more water per pump than its competitors and can clean up to 2,000+ liters per filter. 


2. Manta5 HydrofoilerXE-1

Like an illustration out of a futuristic storybook, you can now ride a bike on the water. Using the same foiling technology as America’s Cup sailboats, the HydrofoilerXE-1 is capable of cycling along ocean coastlines, waterways, or lakes. Powered by a battery and your own two legs, you can now train, race, or leisurely pedal on 71% of the Earth's surface. Check out the company's website to watch a video of the Hydrofoiler catching waves. Trust us, you'll want to see it.


3. Tahe SUP-YAK

The only thing better than an inflatable SUP is an inflatable SUP that also has a comfy seat when you want it. Enter the SUP-YAK, a stable, lightweight and easy to use 2-in-1 paddleboard. Sturdy underfoot for standing, it only takes seconds to convert this SUP into a comfortable "kayak" with a seat, footrest, and hybrid paddle when you're ready to get off your feet.


4. Grand Trunk 360° ThermaQuilt 3-in-1 Hammock

If you've never experienced the sensation of a freezing cold underside while sleeping in a hammock, you're either a) always super prepared with extra blankets or b) you've never slept in a hammock overnight. The good news is, the Grand Trunk 360° ThermaQuilt completely wraps around any hammock and cinches at the ends to keep the warm air in and cold air out. You can also lay it flat to use as a tech blanket or traditional sleeping bag. Freezing bottoms, no more.


5. La Sportiva Solution Comp Climbing Shoe

A softer and more sensitive re-boot on the original fan favorite, The Solution Comp features more rubber coverage on top of the toe and a more traditional, tapered heel. This climbing shoe allows surgical precision on micro holds, enables powerful toe hooks and foot jams and provides super precise heel-toe camming performance.


6 & 7. Black Diamond Approach Shoes

From the crag to the street to the gym, these shoes can do it all. Both the Prime and Session approach shoe models feature BlackLabel-Street sticky rubber outsoles, as well as protective rubber toes and webbing loops to allow for various tagging and stowing options when the trail ends and climbing begins. 


8. Gibbon Giboard

Slackline practice, balance and strength training - anywhere. The shape and design of this board creates a flex to mimics a much longer slackline swing, so it's perfect for training use or just plain fun. (Hint to our store manager: All we want for Christmas is a Giboard in our GEAR:30 office.)

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