2022 Outlook: A Note From Our GM

By Brandon Long | January 5th, 2022


As GEAR:30 moves into 2022, we are excited to announce a slight shift in our buying strategy focusing more on gear and less on apparel. With that said, we are still experiencing supply chain issues. We received a big order of Rab the day after Christmas—come and get it! We are still waiting for snowshoes. Winter goods from Salomon continue to trickle in weekly. Jones snowboards still haven’t arrived. But, despite our product shortages, we've managed to have a great holiday sales season and we’re looking forward to 2022. 


Over the years, we’ve learned a few things about how Ogden—along with our new online friends from across the U.S.—buy gear. As you may have noticed, apparel, though some of our favorite products, does not sell-through quickly. What sells well is gear (go figure). Y’all love gear. So, we’re doubling down on gear in 2022, which means we will have less apparel. Our purchasing power will shift to go deeper in shoes, boots, tents, sleeping bags, general camping, winter hard goods, and accessories. Our apparel will be more focused on essentials like shells and performance pieces with a few exceptions. For example, we’re keeping KAVU and bringing back KÜHL pants. 


Believe it or not, spring shipments begin in February! For 2022, we are buying more car camping/general camping gear—things like camp stoves, camp furniture (portable chairs and tables), car camping tents, and games. Two of our favorite camping brands, Western Mountaineering and Hilleberg the Tentmaker, did not ship any product to us in 2021 due to COVID and supply chain issues. We’re looking forward to once again carrying a full line of quality bags and tents from two of the top manufactures in the world.


In mid-2021, we adopted a new phrase at GEAR:30: “Improve your outdoor experience.” Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge to make the proper gear purchase based on getting to know your needs and use of the product. If we can provide insights as to provide longevity to get the most out of your gear, and keep your gear in proper working order, you should have a better time on your adventures. Even if not making a purchase but instead using our adventurous staff as a resource to learn about places to hike, climb, backpack, ski tour, and camp, our hope is to provide you with the best information that will, again, improve your outdoor experiences.

Thank you for supporting small business this holiday season and throughout 2021! Your support means the world to us and allows us to keep buying the great gear you all love. Cheers, and Happy New Year!

R. Brandon Long
GEAR:30 General Manager