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We love the outdoors. We are happiest when we are climbing on beautiful rock faces, skiing down majestic slopes, or biking vivid mountain trails. Our world is an amazing place. We plan on keeping it that way; and we do it one worn out climbing rope at a time.

Our belts are made from old climbing ropes. We call them, “Beta Belts”, because, well, they’ve been there. These belts have seen the the routs, crags, and cliffs that make up your climbing adventures. We feel they deserve a better retirement than the local landfill. Why not take your old 60 meter along for some more grizzly exploring. This time he’ll just be holding your drawers up. He was there when you bagged your first 5.11, and he can be there for your first 12.

Wherever your adventure takes you, we hope the experience is memorable. The name of our company is Recuerda, which means remember. Our company is based on a culture of remembering. Remember the experience, remember the people. Remember the world. Remember your stewardship.