Summer Standup Paddle Board Meet-ups. Join us on the water and experience the fastest growing sport in the outdoor industry, paddle-boarding. 4 Meet-ups this summer including one in partnership with The Salt Project

Summer Standup Paddle Board Meet-ups


Dates | Locations | Tickets


  • June 7th | Windsurfer Beach, Pineview Reservoir | Event Over
  • June 28th  | Causey Reservoir | Event Over
  • July 19th  | Windsurfer Beach, Pineview Reservoir | Event Over
  • August 9th  | Causey Reservoir | Private Event with The Salt Project


These events are for those with a desire to meet other standup paddle boarders, or try paddle boarding for the first time. GEAR:30 will take the hassle of hauling boards or blowing your board up and do it for you by hauling gear up to the meet-ups.


All equipment will be transported and distributed on location by GEAR:30 staff. All you need to do is show up and take the board out for an hour spin.


This activity is perfect for families, friends, or singletons who want to enjoy a summer evening with others. What better way to spend your summer nights!


$15 dollar tickets cover one time slot for one board. For more boards, buy more tickets in the same time slot. For more time, buy tickets for multiple time slots






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